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The ABC Gallery has been operating since 1992. This twenty years’ worth of experience has led us to believe that art gallery – apart from exhibiting and promoting art – can and should serve as the place where artists, critics, theoreticians, philosophers of art and representatives of other fields of study exchange thoughts, ideas, and experiences in a creative and constructive manner. Various workshops, plein air events and residencies organised by the Gallery provide common ground for shaping new ideas and realising artistic visions through discussion and cooperation.

By means of organising workshops, we desire to make our gallery accessible, open, and friendly for visitors, unlike the stereotypical White Cube ingrained in the conventional way of thinking about the functioning of art. To accomplish this, we have created a new space for imaginative people and cultivated an environment that fosters artistic growth.

The new location of the ABC Gallery is in the outskirts of Poznań, near scenic Strzeszyńskie Lake (for more information and the map see KONTAKT and STRZESZYNEK). This picturesque area is located a mere 9 kilometres away from the centre of Poznań, and it takes about 30 minutes to get there by public transportation. The gallery offers opportunities to engage in creative activities both indoors and outdoors. Strzeszynek is a perfect location for plein air painting. The ABC Gallery has an exhibition room, which may also function as a studio. Furthermore, the common room located in the Motel is an ideal place for workshops, trainings and meetings with artists and authors.

ARTISTS AND ART SCHOOLS can participate in plein air workshops with professional artists (see the SUMMER JAM tab) or organise their own workshops of any kind. The gallery also offers residency opportunities and holds conferences, symposia and discussion groups. At the end of a residency or a workshop series, an exhibition can be staged either at the ABC Gallery or at a different exhibition venue in Poznań.

THOSE WHO HAVE RECENTLY TAKEN UP ART AS A HOBBY as well as those wishing to continue developing their passion can take part in various stimulating workshops (plein air and others) supervised by established artists, including those affiliated with the University of Arts in Poznań.

The workshops offered by the ABC Gallery are not only fun but they also provide an opportunity for skill and personal development. The classes are not merely about painting, sculpting or writing – they will help you discover yourself anew, explore new spaces and possibilities, and broaden your horizons. Being able to overcome your inner barriers, open up for new experiences and derive real joy from your achievements will give you an exceptionally energising and liberating feeling.

During the workshops, you will get to know other people who are just like you: interested in similar things, curious about the world and eager to spend their free time in a creative and self-improving way.