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A park of sculptures and art objects, unique in Poland, is being created in the public space at Lake Strzeszyńskie in Poznań. While such venues are common in Western Europe, they are still rare in Poland. The few collections of sculptures in public spaces are most often scattered in the urbanspace (e.g. the exquisite collection in Elbląg), which significantly hampers the sightseeing. If the Visual Park projects develops as planned,Poznań stands a chance of becoming the leading centre promoting the contemporary art of spatial forms. Moreover, the premises at Lake Strzeszyńskie (patterned after centres such as Luisiana near Copenhagen and Kroller-Muller in the Netherlands) will become attractive for tourists, a venue of free and natural contact with art and education for the city residents.

VISUAL PARK is a space arranged to provoke a conscious, cautious, cognitive, and critical observation of reality. The objects installed are moreover elements of the education program, which forms the project’s integral part.

The educational aspect of the VISUAL PARK – THE ART OF SEEING facilitates an unconventional and innovative combination of seemingly distant areas, such as various disciplines of the visual arts, contemporary art and its conscious and critical reception, biology and ecology (the VISUAL PARK includes an educational Eco-Meadow).

All the objects within the Visual Park feature plaques which contain, apart from the author’s name and the title, also a series of questions directing the viewers towards interpretation pathsand provoking their own individual readings of the possible signification of the works. The information on the plaques is supplemented in the free Visual Park Guide (to be picked at the ABC Gallery), where the viewers will find the map of the objects, detailed descriptions of the sculptures and information about their authors.